PoloniexBot Program

Designed for Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

(based on predicting the growth and decline of the rate) with the ability to autostart and auto-stop trading. Automatic stopping of trading implies the completion of the current cycle with the sale of the entire purchased balance of coins and making a profit. This happens when a forecast of a price decline appears (the upper part of the chart and a red vertical stick highlighted in a bright color).

Robot cost

Price Parameters Customer benefits
The cost The trial period is 14 days. Full version. Ability to add accounts or exchanges. Two-week testing free of charge. Provided full functionality
50 EUR Rent is paid every month of using the program Provided 1 account The rent is not included in the price programs. 1) The lowest price
2) There is a possibility refuse further lease or resume it again
EUR 100 1 additional account or exchange. Possibility to add additional account or exchange. Each additional account is paid separately
EUR 100 - EUR 250 Full version of the platform purchased by installments or with partial payment. Provided 1 account Residual value is paid percentage of profit
150 EUR Basic version No possibility add new accounts Provided 1 account 1) Use on an unlimited basis.
2) There is no need to pay% of the profit
EUR 250 Full version. I have an opportunity buy additional accounts or exchanges. Provided 1 account 1) Use on a perpetual basis
2) Full version of the program
3) There is a right
buy exchanges or accounts
4) Possibility self-disable or enable accounts or exchanges

Automatic correction of trading parameters for trading pairs launched manually and for automated trading.
This option implies a gradual decrease in profit from the specified in the settings to a minimum of 0.5% for faster profit and the end of the cycle. This 0.5% already includes all exchange commissions for completed purchase and sale operations in the current cycle.
In order to start trading, you need to put in the amount of the first order 0.0005 btc. Any percentage of the margin can be set, but the higher the percentage, the less often trades will take place. So you can start small at 1.2%. All other settings are as indicated in the instructions. It is possible to trade on cross pairs at the same time (BTC/ETH and USDT/ETH, etc.) + the ability to conduct trading operations through Bitcoin and at the same time to trade on USDT/BTC not selling the entire Bitcoin balance. In other words: You can launch any trade without worrying if their balance will mix.
A window for switching the trade progress logs, where you can see a list of open orders and open/cancel a buy/sell order from within the program. This is useful for those who buy long-term coins. This can be done inside the program without stopping the current trades.
Trade any coin (even if your balance has a certain amount of coins) without selling your current coin balance. Just click "Start", then select "Start Trading Again (Algorithm # 1)", then enter the parameters and click the "Continue" button. Trading will start, and your existing coin balance will not be sold and will remain unchanged on your balance, and trading will only take place with newly purchased coins.
Picking up a trade started using other software or manually through the exchange website, in automatic or semi-automatic mode. For this, a special interactive menu is provided, which appears if necessary after pressing the "Start" button.
Adding another exchange or several accounts of one exchange and only 1 account. In the next updates, it will be possible to add (and trade there) additional accounts and other exchanges.
Our textual instruction contains the most up-to-date and complete information.
Please read the instructions before starting trading.